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downtown brunswick’s art scene

Downtown Brunswick is not just home to the history of the area but to a vibrant arts and entertainment scene.  Theatre, film, music, visual arts and a variety of events offer something for everyone throughout the year.  Every month, First Friday draws hundreds downtown for art exhibit openings, live music and street performers.  Take in a live performance at the Historic Ritz Theatre or Brunswick Actors Theatre; stroll through specialty shops and galleries or create your own painting or pottery piece; hear great local musicians play; and keep an eye out for an Elvis or two when the Georgia Elvis Festival comes to town.  Cultural arts and unique entertainment is a hallmark of the historic downtown.  


The Golden Isles are also home to a large number of resident artists. Their works, along with works of regional, national and international artists, can be viewed and purchased at area art galleries, specialty shops and the many scheduled art shows.


Downtown Brunswick is LIVE at Tipsy McSway, 1509 Brunswick, The Study at Reid’s Apothecary, SchroGlo and more, where live music takes center stage, creating an unforgettable time for patrons. There is always an eclectic array of musical genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone, from soulful jazz to energetic rock and everything in between. Discover and support local talent as we shine a spotlight on the incredible artists within our community.


Today, downtown Brunswick’s historic theatre and arts center features year-round live performances, films, exhibits, educational programs and more. Programming and management by Golden Isles Arts and Humanities Association, coordinating arts council for the City of Brunswick and Glynn County.