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The Rose and Vine Ad Photo2

The Rose & Vine has gotten a lot of notoriety downtown. Namely, “what are they doing down there?” We got to talk with the owner of The Rose & Vine, Danielle Brazell, wife of next door’s Subway owner, Chris Brazell.
Put simply, The Rose & Vine is a wine and flower gift shop. However, they’re going to offer a lot more. Besides having an entire wall and several shelves dedicated to wine, a full service florist, and a make your own boquet corner, they’ll have several other novelty items. They’ll have jewelry and sunglasses as well as locally produced goods including honey, candles, home décor, and more. The Rose & Vine will also offer a delivery service for that special someone. And, if you have someone dear to you in the hospital, they will deliver there free of charge. Of course, we can’t guarantee that will include wine.
The Rose & Vine also offers tailored services. Just give them a description of someone your love and a budget, and The Rose & Vine will make sure to have the perfect gift to fit the bill.
Although much of the store will fit catered to women, they will provide goods that men can enjoy as well.
The Rose & Vine plans to open before or during March, but we’ll keep you posted when they have the date!