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Sunday, November 27th 2016

The M/V OCEARCH is at the Mary Ross Waterfront Park. The shark tracking and research ship will be with us until February, 2017.

Wes Wolfe of The News writes:

“Sharks — big ones, small ones, all kinds — are key to maintaining balance in the ecosystems of the world’s oceans, and the M/V OCEARCH crew is at the forefront of that effort. The ship and its crew is the expeditionary arm of the OCEARCH research organization, and for the winter, those folks and their ship will be where it is now, docked next to Mary Ross Park in downtown Brunswick.
“We were looking to other places around Georgia — even northern Florida, even as far north as North Carolina, which I wasn’t for because it’s still too darn cold,” said Brandon Eyre, ship manager of the M/V OCEARCH. “We just spent — our last two expeditions were at Montauk, (New York) were we caught nine baby white sharks and off Nantucket, Massachusetts, where we caught six adults. Now we’re able to follow along during the winter what’s going on. And so, we said we needed to get down south for the winter where we can do a little bit of maintenance.”
The effort off Massachusetts that ended in early November was the 27th expedition for the ship.”

We’re waiting for M/V OCEARCH’s official press release in December, so stay tuned! In the mean time, read The News’ full article here.